Oxytocin Spray+

Oxytocin Spray+ is carefully composed of natural, organically produced oils and herbs and contains Ylang Ylang, Vanilla, Lotus and a number of Oxytocin stimulators with pheromones. The use of products from our Isis Line stimulates the natural production of oxytocin by the body. Research has shown that oxytocin has a positive impact on increasing the feeling of happiness, the feeling of trust and solidarity and an increased resistance to stress and addiction! The body comes to rest quickly and anxiety is suppressed. Oxytocin increases trust in yourself and in your area. Oxytocin, a new feeling!

Content: Water, Emulgator 999E001.05.0, Ylang Ylang, Lotus, Vanille, Salie, Scharlei, Hop en Angelica, Uni Pheromones.

Oxytocin Spray+ 30 ml

Oxytocin Spray+ 30 ml

Isis Line with pheromones

Euro 29.95